WhatsYourPrice Review

WhatsYourPrice.com is a website that was launched back in 2010 and it is basically a site that you will use when you want to find a date quickly. Instead of getting to know a person slowly, you will place a bid for a member that you want to take out on a date. That person will accept the bid that they want, and you would be responsible for paying that fee, as well as all the expenses when out on the date.
From looking at this site, it is easy to see that men are the ones who are doing the bidding the most and the women simply accept the bids for their dates. From a quick glance, it looks like many of the women are younger, around college age, and they use this money to supplement their income and pay tuition for school.

whats your price

Ease of Use

It will be difficult to see how easy this platform is to use until you have created a profile. The design and layout are fairly basic, but that makes it very user-friendly, which is always helpful when you are trying something new.

Registering on WhatsYourPrice.com

It is super easy to sign up and register with this dating website. All you need to do is fill out the required information and then answer two simple questions. Those questions include what your gender is and the reason why you are on this site.
Once this information is all filled out, you will be given access to WhatsYourPrice.com. You can browse in limited areas until you confirm your email address. As soon as your email is confirmed, you will have unlimited access to this website.

Your Profile

When you fill out your profile, you must describe yourself in more than twenty characters. To obtain access to all the features on the site, you must upload a picture and verify your profile. All photos will be approved prior to being posted. You can change and update your profile at any time.


When you find a person that you want to contact on WhatsYourPrice.com, you can send them a wink for free. If you choose to bid on someone, the bid must be at least five dollars and there is no maximum bid amount. Any bid can be countered, so feel free to outbid a person. However, understand that a person is not obligated to accept the higher bid.
As soon as a person accepts your bid, the messaging feature will be opened, so the two of you can chat.

Financial Aspect

There is no cost to create a profile, view profiles, or send winks. However, there is a cost for bids and messaging people on this site. One hundred credits will cost you fifty cents per credit, while purchasing one thousand credits at a time will only be twenty-five cents per credit. You can pay for these credits with either your credit card or PayPal and you can add more credits as you need them.

Special Features

There are no other special features on WhatsYourPrice.com and there is no app that you can use either. However, since most people use this site to get dates quickly, no one really misses all the extras.


WhatsYourPrice.com has sections with their community guidelines, as well as tips for dating safely. I recommend that you read both those sections carefully to avoid any problems once you begin using this dating website.
While this seems like a great dating site for those who want a date quickly without all the getting to know your aspects, I can see why it would turn people away who want to get to know a person better first. I can’t say that I would personally use this dating site, but I know many people that would jump at the chance to go out on a date with someone they just met.
Therefore, I can see why WhatsYourPrice.com has been so successful, and has so many members, since it was created back in 2010. If you are tired of the regular dating scene, you may want to give WhatsYourPrice.com a try. You may be pleasantly surprised with your results.