Tinder For Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies

Tinder is one of the most well-known dating platforms in the world today. People of all ages turn to it to find partners for all interests, whether it be for relationships, friends with benefits, or one night stands. Those who are interested in sugar dating (such as sugar daddies, sugar babies, etc.) often wonder if the platform will work for them too. At first glance, it probably doesn’t appear like a good option. The problem is that Tinder doesn’t have a way to filter by worth or otherwise help you find sugar love.

Don’t be discouraged though. Tinder may just work to help you find a sugar relationship. That being said, there are better options for sugar dating apps. Let’s first take a brief look at Tinder for sugar daddies and sugar babies and then look at a couple of alternatives.

Dating Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies On Tinder

Sugar dating on Tinder will work and people have successfully found matches before. There are several things you will have to do in order to optimize your chances of finding a sugar match on Tinder though. Without keeping these in mind, you will spend a lot of time with little results.

First, you will want to adjust your age range. Most sugar daddies are on the older side of the spectrum. Tinder allows you to filter ages anywhere from 18-54 and then also 55+. Sugar babies on the other hand, are mostly on the youngest side so you will probably want to filter your age range to the lower end of the spectrum. After you have determined the ages you are looking for, go ahead and adjust your settings.

Getting high-quality photos that truly show your personality will also help to maximize your chances of finding a sugar relationship on Tinder. You don’t need to have professional photos taken but have a friend or someone else take photos of you while you are engaging in activities that make you smile. Not only will activities make you appear to have a fun lifestyle, but smiles have been scientifically proven to make you more attractive.

Leave sugar dating out of the profile and first messages. It is simple, while you may be on Tinder to look for a sugar relationship, not everyone is. Having a note in your profile or mentioning sugar dating in your first few messages may come off as odd. Asking for money or an arrangement upfront is also oftentimes a scam on dating websites so it might also reduce the trust level of your profile.

Now to help you better decide whether you want to try Tinder for sugar dating we are going to take a brief look at the pros and cons of using Tinder for sugar dating when you are a sugar baby or sugar daddy.

Pros of Sugar Dating on Tinder

  • Vast platform with a lot of users
  • Free (with limited number of swipes a day)
  • Trusted platform
  • No length profile/account setup
  • Perfect for short-term sugar dating
  • Messages cannot be sent without both parties like each other

Cons of Sugar Dating on Tinder

  • Not restricted to sugar daddies and sugar babies
  • No filters for interests
  • Short profiles reduce upfront information
  • More bots/fake accounts on Tinder
  • Lots of time spent trying to find sugar matches
  • Limited selection of sugar partners on Tinder

Where to Turn Now?

Now that we have established the pros and cons of using Tinder for sugar dating, a good portion of readers will probably want to turn to another platform for sugar dating. That brings up the question of where you should go to find a sugar match. There are several great sugar daddy dating sites that also have apps so let’s take a look at them with a focus on the pros and cons after a brief description of the site.


SugarDaddyMeet is a great option for finding a sugar relationship. Users from the richest countries around the world turn to the website as it has a heavy focus on customer satisfaction. One of the ways they do this is by strictly enforcing profiles. If a profile is suspicious, it will be removed. It has a number of other great features too.

Pros of SugarDaddyMeet

  • Great search system
  • Good control over profiles
  • Required mobile verification
  • 30% of users are male
  • Majority of sugar babies are 34 or younger

Cons of SugarDaddyMeet

  • No free accounts
  • App could use improvement (You can use the website on your phone though)
  • No video chat features

Seeking Arrangement (Seeking)

Seeking is one of the most well-known dating websites out there for sugar relationships. The website was founded in 2006 by Brandon Wade who quickly became an expert at sugar dating. Seeking Arrangement has officially rebranded as Seeking but you will find that they are often still referred to as seeking.

Pros of Seeking Arrangement

  • Largest user base, over 10 million users
  • Large number of women to men
  • Easy to use
  • Established in the industry
  • Simple signup
  • Detailed profiles
  • Support team for help and safety

Cons of Seeking Arrangement

  • Payment required for use of most of the site
  • Expensive payment options
  • Verification process can take a while


Quick and easy signup is one of the most popular aspects of SugarDaddy.com. The website has quality profiles and a variety of different user levels for you to choose from. This gives you the ability to get the features that you want. One of the features you can opt to pay for is full contact. Full contact allows users who are not premium members to be able to contact you at any time. This is a fairly unique feature that can be a great benefit for sugar daddies who want to communicate with sugar babies who may not be able to afford a premium account.

Pros of SugarDaddy.com

  • Full contact feature
  • Detailed profiles
  • Monitoring for illegal activity and scams
  • Fair prices for membership
  • Website optimized for phones

Cons of SugarDaddy.com

  • No app (Just use the website)
  • Fullest membership may be too expensive
  • Very limited free accounts


SugarDaddie is the last option we will discuss today. The website is meant to be a very flexible platform so all kinds of sugar babies and sugar daddies can find the match that is right for them. This has lead SugarDaddie.com to having over one and a half million unique views every month. More than a good amount of competition. Take a look at some of the pros and cons of SugarDaddie.com.

Pros of SugarDaddie

  • 7 day trial
  • Sleek gold design
  • Lots of sugar accounts
  • Some of the best prices
  • Scam monitoring
  • Mobile optimized website

Cons of SugarDaddie

  • Lower average response rate
  • Area restricted to your registered address
  • No app (use website)
  • Very limited free account

Whether you use Tinder to find sugar love or not is a personal decision. Some people choose it as a platform because it is free and simple to use. Others use it for both regular dating and sugar dating so they don’t have to sign up for other platforms. On the other hand though, you will find that it is much easier to find sugar relationships on sugar daddy specific dating sites.

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