SugarDaddie Review

Starting in 2002, SugarDaddie is one of the more popular options for sugar dating websites. The site started in the United Kingdom and spread out from there. Now the site has over 5 million users across the globe. While it is a popular site, it isn’t one of the most commonly reviewed ones.
Today we are going to take a look at that question and break down a review of the website by taking a look at the features, the users, the design, and more.

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Design of SugarDaddie

The home page for SugarDaddie looks like something that you might expect to see on the cover of a romance book or maybe even in an adult Harry Potter movie. Once you get past the landing page though you will be greeted by a stylish, modern design that feels very ritzy. The buttons have gold icons and there is gold trim thrown in at random points on the website.
Despite an attempt to appear ritzy though, the website is actually fairly easy to use and navigate. You can get to anywhere you are looking for without too much trouble. In some ways this design is almost more user-friendly, you don’t have to dig through a drop-down menu to find matches, mail, your photos, etc., it is all displayed at the top with eye-catching buttons.
Many dating websites rely on paragraph style text to display long profiles full of information. This is hard to read and makes the dating site less user-friendly. On SugarDaddie though, you will find that profiles contain a good mix of content from free text response, to stats, to lists in order to provide users with visually appealing content.


SugarDaddie has users from around the world but the vast majority are from the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. The majority of female users on the site are younger while most male users are older. Trends like this are fairly common on sugar dating websites. About 300,000 members of SugarDaddie hail from the US and about 2.5 thousand users login every day.
Some reviews of SugarDaddie around the internet comment on the fact that they aren’t able to find a relationship with younger women. SugarDaddie is a sugar dating site and while some of the members may be happy with a traditional relationship, the vast majority are looking for financial support or an arrangement based relationship.
You can find users on the website through a matching feature that matches you with users that are likely to be a good fit based of the profiles that you both filled out. In addition to the match feature, you can use the search and filter option to look for users that interest you. The two different options help to maximize the chances that you will find the person that is right for your sugar relationship.

Sign Up

Anyone can register for SugarDaddie for free and start creating their profile. You go through the process of creating an account just like any other dating site, putting in your contact information and basic details. Mentioning your income and uploading a photo are mandatory parts of starting your profile. A moderator will have to look at your profile and approve it before it goes live on your profile.
Unlike other dating websites, there is no option to setup your profile with Facebook or other social media platforms. There is also no visual verification process for user profiles like some other sites offer. However, this isn’t a requirement.
Like with many websites that allow you to sign up for free, to send and receive messages you will have to have a premium account. A month of premium currently costs just under $34. A whole year is $203.99 (or $17 a month when broken down).

Profiles On SugarDaddie

Any profile can be viewed by any member, even those who sign up for free. That includes being able to view photos. This is something that some users don’t like. Profiles are very basic on SugarDaddie but they convey all of the information you might need to know before starting a conversation with someone.
Most of the profile is already filled out during the sign up process so you don’t need to worry about filling out too much more information. However, you can add more information if you choose to, as well as photos. Your profile can feature up to 12 photos.
A great special feature of SugarDaddie is the profile quality score. It tells you how good your profile is as you make changes to it. You can gauge how good your profile is and maximize its quality to ensure you find the matches you want.


As of right now there is no app for SugarDaddie. Instead of relying on downloading an app, the company simplified the process by making a mobile friendly version of their site. That way you can log onto the site from any mobile phone browser and interact with it in a way that is similar to how you would normally use the site. While people are used to using apps, a mobile friendly website can offer just as many features.

Spam, Security, and Fake Profiles on SugarDaddie

On SugarDaddie you will fine a few fake profiles here and there. No matter how hard dating sites try, it is impossible to get rid of all of the fake profiles. That being said, SugarDaddie does a pretty good job at keeping out fake profiles. The photo verification process helps with that.
Another security feature that come in handy is the fact that the website monitors profiles and will only allow members with fully filled out profiles to actively use the site. In addition, other content is monitored, along with profile changes to try and spot any fake content. SugarDaddie is not afraid to remove content that is suspicious.

Final Note from the Editor

Overall, we think that SugarDaddie is a nice website that users may enjoy. It has a fair amount of users but the vast majority are from the United Kingdom. If you are looking for a simple site and you aren’t expecting an accompanying app, then SugarDaddie might be a good option for you to turn to. If you are looking for a website that is easy to navigate, even if you aren’t a big internet user, then SugarDaddie is one of them.
What we really like about SugarDaddie is the fact that you can browse the website for free once you setup your account. It gives you a chance to look at actual user profiles first to see how many potential matches there are in your area. Not all free to browse websites offer you the same amount of freedom before you pay.
One thing to keep in mind is that not every popular dating site is right for every user. If after this review you don’t feel like SugarDaddie is right for you, make sure to take a look at our other sugar dating site reviews to help you find the option that is right for you.