Best Sugar Baby Apps (2020)

Sugar baby app dating has become very popular in recent years. As people become more open to less than traditional relationships, acceptance becomes better and thus people start looking for sugar baby dating. One of the best ways to find a sugar baby relationship is with sugar baby dating apps. With sugar baby dating apps you don’t have to worry about sorting through users, you know that everyone there is looking for sugar love, just like you.
Not all sugar daddy apps are created the same. Like with traditional dating websites, there are fake and scam sugar baby dating sites. Because we want you to be able to enjoy sugar dating as you deserve, we have put together a list of the top three sugar baby dating apps. Each of these apps was picked because they don’t only have the most users, but the best features. Have a look.

#1: SugarDaddyMeet App

Launched in 2007 SugarDaddyMeet has been around for long enough to establish a good reputation. More than 1.4 sugar babies have signed up for the sugar baby app, SugarDaddyMeet. A fair number of users if you are looking to find a match online.
When it comes to prices, sugar babies and sugar daddies both have to purchase premium memberships with US dollars. A one-month plan costs $50. Three months comes to $90. 6 months will run you $144. This may sound somewhat expensive, but it is the average price of sugar daddy websites, and wouldn’t be too bad for a traditional dating site either.
One thing of note about SugarDaddyMeet is the fact that the app is not the same experience as that of the website. When you download the app it is named as SDM which doesn’t stand for SugarDaddyMeet. Instead, it stands for Seek Date Match. The app is very similar to Tinder and allows you to swipe on users that are on SugarDaddyMeet. The app is actually very popular and attracts users. For those that want the traditional experience on their phone, they can visit the website on their phone’s web browser.

Notable Features of SugarDaddyMeet

  • Let’s Meet – Tinder style profile viewing where you will be added to another’s match list only if you both like each other. A great option for those that want to go beyond the standard match searching features.
  • Certified Daddy Status – By becoming a certified sugar daddy on a sugar daddy app like SugarDaddyMeet you can prove to other users that you are real and serious. It may take a little work to become certified but it further increases the chance of finding a match.
  • First Date Ideas – Sometimes the hardest part of using a dating website is coming up with ideas for dates. The First Date Ideas section helps you to come up with great ideas for your first dates.
  • Sugar Daddy Dating Advice – Along the same lines, the sugar daddy dating advice section helps you get the advice you need to succeed on a sugar daddy dating app. The section is regularly updated and you can access it whenever you need more advice.

#2: SeekingArrangement App

Seeking may not be a name you recognize but it is a website that has been in the game for a while. Recently the company rebranded from its former name, Seeking Arrangement. You’ll still see the original name of the website in the top corner. For years Seeking Arrangement has been helping people find sugar daddies and sugar babies.
A lot of people consider Seeking Arrangement to be one of the safest sugar dating apps out there. One of the reasons that people trust Seeking Arrangement is its age. The company has had the time to develop security methods to enhance safety. Inbox filters, security staff, and verification all help to further increase safety on Seeking.
Over 5 million users in the United States make it among one of the highest rated sugar dating sites. Unlike other sugar dating sites there are slightly more male users than there are female users.
Seeking Arrangement has an app on the Google Play Store that will download on almost any Android device. Apple has removed the Seeking app from its App Store. If you want to use Seeking on an Apple device you can just use your favorite internet browser to go to the website. The Seeking website has been mobile optimized to make it easy to use on a phone.

Notable Features of SeekingArrangement

  • Company Blog – Whether you are looking for sugar dating advice or more information on the world of sugar love, the Seeking blog Let’s Talk Sugar provides all of the information you might be curious about. On the blog you will also be able to see lists of upcoming events that are hosted or sponsored by Seeking Arrangement.
  • Diamond Level Membership – The Diamond Level Membership on Seeking is a plan for sugar daddies and sugar mamas who want to stand out in the crowd. After a background check and a minimum of two months as a premium member, you have the ability to apply to be a Diamond Member. At this level you have plenty of VIP features that are only available to Diamond users.

#3:SugarBabies App

Sugar Babies is a sugar dating site that is only one part of a chain of websites. Alongside Sugar Babies, the company also owns BDSM Dating, Trans Dating, Settle Down Dating, and Fitness Dating. While they are one of the newer sugar dating apps to emerge on the market, they have already started making waves.
On the front screen of the Sugar Babies website you will be able to see that they use Arrangement as a keyword. Sugar Babies is not affiliated with seeking arrangement, instead it feels more as if they are trying to call the other dating site out.
One of the main reasons to give Sugar Babies a try is the fact they are one of the fastest growing sugar dating websites out there. The website uses verification and security tools to filter out fake accounts, something that most users appreciate greatly. The company also claims to be the most dependable platform, something that has yet to be proven but completely possible.
At this point Sugar Babies is working on their mobile app for both major cell phone operating systems. Until an app is released though you can use the website on your mobile internet browser. The website has been optimized for mobile internet to feel as if you are using a mobile app.
Notable Features of SugarBabies

  • Elite Upgrades and Rewards for Sugar Daddies – Using the elite upgrades and rewards system on Sugar Babies gives sugar daddies the ability to upgrade their profile and status on the Sugar Babies website. With these features you can stand out among other sugar daddies to help come out on top.
  • Free for Sugar Babies – Sugar babies can sign up for Sugar Babies for free. The idea behind sugar dating is that a sugar baby gets financially taken care of and Sugar Babies hasn’t forgotten about that. By giving sugar babies free access to the website they are helping to ensure the most sugar babies possible.
  • Free for Sugar Babies – Sugar babies can sign up for Sugar Babies for free. The idea behind sugar dating is that a sugar baby gets financially taken care of and Sugar Babies hasn’t forgotten about that. By giving sugar babies free access to the website they are helping to ensure the most sugar babies possible.

Dating with an app can be easy but it all comes down to finding the right app for you. These three sugar baby dating apps are some of the most popular in the world but are far from the only options on the market. Read through the three and see if any of the options sound good to you. If none of them feel right for you, you can always look at one of the many other sugar baby websites out there.