SeekingArrangement Review

Seeking Arrangement is one of the oldest and most notable of sugar daddy websites. The website was founded by Brandon Wade in 2006 and has help many sugar relationships happen. In the recent years the site as started to brand itself as Seeking. Let’s explore how Seeking has become so popular.

seeking arrangement


Many people want a website that is easy to use and they will find that with Seeking Arrangement. The sleek, modern design has a gray and white theme that allows you to easily find your way around the site. Great effort has gone into making the menu items simple and easy to navigate.
The great design has been ported over to the mobile app for Seeking. Buttons have been separated into sections and the color scheme is still easy on the eyes when mobile.
With the original design of Seeking being Seeking Arrangement, many people assume that the website would be It used to be but the company simplified the URL to For now, the old URL redirects to the new website.


There are over 5 million users from the United States. Out of that, Seeking reports about 150,000 are active every week. That only shows the number of users, most people want to know how those numbers are distributed so that they know how likely it is they will find a match that meets their desires. About 80% of users on Seeking Arrangement are females known as sugar babies, the rest are either sugar daddies or sugar mommas.
Age-wise, the vast majority of users are between the ages of 25 and 34. The next highest percentage of users is between 18 and 24. Those between 35 and 44, 45 and 54, and those over 55 are roughly evenly distributed with the remaining amount of users.
Users of Seeking Arrangement consistently say that they have found that the majority of male users are married and looking to cheat. However, the nature of Seeking makes this fairly normal.
A lot of people are worried about fake users and scams when they go to dating sites. Seeking does have its share of fake profiles on the site. That being said, most users say the amount of fake profiles they see are far fewer than other dating websites. To avoid fake profiles, look for those that have verification through social media and/or a background check. This is one of the reasons that this feature is present on seeking.


The sign up process for Seeking Arrangement is pretty simple. You just need to fill out some basic information and your account will be set up. In order to have your profile go life though you will need to submit a photo for verification. Once the photo is verified it will go live along with your profile.
For sugar babies, if you sign up with your university or college email address you get a premium account for free. No one will be able to see your school email address, the company just recognizes that students need additional help financially and as such provides free premium membership.
During the sign-up process you have the option of connecting one or more of your social media accounts such as Facebook to Seeking. This doesn’t mean that your Seeking profile will feature a link to whatever accounts you connect. Instead, it displays an icon on your profile showing that your identity has been verified through social media.
To further verify your identity to potential matches you can have Seeking run a background check on you. This background check will be conducted by Otpimum Screening and the results will not appear on your profile, you will just earn a badge on your profile that you passed a background check. Put potential matches to ease by letting them know that not only are you real but you aren’t a criminal.

Profiles on SeekingArrangement

Seeking Arrangement has high quality profiles that allow you to have a fair amount of information on them. You can go beyond what the registration process offers and add additional information to the profile. This can be done in full paragraph format or by answering basic questions on yourself.
A nifty little feature is your ability to create private photo galleries. These galleries don’t appear to everyone who visits your profile, you have to specifically give them access to it. With this you can save private photos to your profile to share only when you get trust the users you are communicating with.
You can also mark your whole profile as private so that you have to give people permission before they can view it. This may help you protect your privacy but you also have to keep in mind that it may turn away people from wanting to view your profile.

The App (Or Lack There Of)

At one point Seeking Arrangement had an app both on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. The app is still present on the Google Play Store but it isn’t available on the App Store. Overall, the app is pretty basic, it comes with the searching and matching features, messaging, and the ability to make some changes to your profile.
Apple removed the app from their store over concerns over Seeking potentially being used for prostitution. However, it is clearing against the Seeking policies to pay for sex. They even discourage users from establishing payment planes based on how often you meet with your matches.
Just because the app is basic and only exists on one platform, it doesn’t mean you don’t have an option. You can use the Seeking Arrangement website on your phone. The developers designed the website with a mobile version so that you can keep the familiar design and great features while on the go. Simply navigate to the website and browse through it like normal. If you have a larger screen device you can request the desktop version using your phone’s internet menu.

Verdict From The Editor

Seeking Arrangement has a lot of users compared to some of it’s competition. That being said, the lack of an iOS app turns a lot of people away on its own. We have come to expect websites to have an app so that we have a simplified way to interact with the platform. Despite this, we have found Seeking Arrangement to be on the top of many sugar dating lists and we think that it is a great option, especially if you are a college student looking for a sugar daddy.
If you are looking to use the site, we recommend that you take advantage of the verification features so that your profile carries with it an extra layer of trust. Link both a social media account and have the background check performed if you can. This goes for both sugar babies and sugar daddies as trust is a two way street.
No one site is right for everyone. If Seeking Arrangement doesn’t feel right for you, make sure that you take a look at some of other reviews of sugar daddy dating sites. You can use them to help you decide which is right for you.